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Our Goals

In a comfortable environment, by offering outstanding products, saving the best resource of the user - time. Constant care for the customer's favour, consideration of their wishes and recommendations. Creating the best conditions for employees and developing their professional skills. Import of products with international standards and highest quality Instant insight into modern technological products and processes and their implementation in the Georgian market

Our Mission

Providing carefully selected, quality products and best service to customers

About Merlons

Merlons’ business is based on the import and distribution of bathroom (and not only) space materials in Georgia. The company was founded in 2011 by “Sharmi Group” and soon acquired the exclusive of the first international brand VitrA. VitrA brand showrooms were opened in Tbilisi and Batumi in 2012.


With modern showrooms and an energetic project sales team, VitrA Georgia quickly gained the trust of customers for both private and corporate projects. The company has supplied a number of important projects throughout Georgia, such as: Moxy Marriott Tbilisi, Radisson Tbilisi, Rixos Borjomi, Holiday inn Telavi, Mcdonald’s, KFC, Best Western Kutaisi, Best western Batumi, Ibis Styles, Grand Gloria Batumi, Hostel Factory, Gagua Clinic , Chateau Art Vine Arthana, Bank of Georgia, airports, houses of justice, etc.


Inspired by success, the team started to take care of scaling up and finding brands that were not present in the market in 2020. (At that time, Merlons was created – the brand name of the company “BMC Charm” Ltd.) Based on the recommendations obtained from the survey of loyal customers and successful designers, the selection and delivery of new, different and technological brands of products to the market is already ongoing.


Why Merlons


In fortifications for millennia Merlons were solid, defensive structures built atop the walls of castles and fortresses, providing protection and a vantage point for the defenders. Drawing inspiration from this historical concept, the founders of “Merlons” sought to create a brand that embodies reliability in today’s ever-changing world.

Understanding that the modern-day consumer desires products and services that stand the test of time, “Merlons” was founded with a clear mission: to build a brand that delivers unwavering quality, architectural and design innovation, customer satisfaction.By investing in cutting-edge technology, sustainable practices, and top talents, we can offer an attractive range of products and services that cater to diverse needs and preferences.

As we continue to grow and expand, our dedication to creating a lasting impact on the lives of our customers remains at the heart of everything we do.As we forge ahead, we stand tall, confident in our ability to face challenges head-on, just like the merlons that protected the defenders of the past. In this ever-evolving world, Merlons is your reliable partner, providing you: with the tools, resources, and support to make your dreams come true.

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