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Big Slab Cutting

The entry level proposal capable of ensuring maximum reliability and versatility, ideal for cutting porcelain slabs, marble, granite and stone. Super compact in footprint but large in working dimensions, it does not require foundations or concrete walls thank to the monobloc structure in galvanized steel.



Parametric Software

Engineering software also suitable for a basic user. The software includes a basic cutting package and one for the creation of profiling and the software dedicated to the cutting of porcelain slabs that includes the necessary functions to avoid breakage and waste of material (P-PORCELAIN).


Monobloc Structure

The monobloc structure is easy to install and does not require any preparation of the space and floor where it will be placed.


Integrated Camera

The integrated camera with pressurized protection allows you to digitize the slabs and program the cuts, already obtaining a preview of the final result.


Small Discs

ITALIA can use discs with a minimum diameter of 300 mm (11 3/4in), whose rigidity guarantees perfect and fast cuts. Especially suitable for cutting ceramics.


Mobile Control Panel

Trolley with monitor and keyboard from which the operator manages the bridge saw can be easily moved and brought closer to the machine during the programming phase.


Partial Tilting Table

The partial tilting table allows the loading of large plates quickly and safely.


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